The group was formed in 1998 in response to the needs of radiographers who were taking on the then new specialist role of performing barium enemas. The examinations now undertaken and reported by radiographers have extended to include a full range of GI related fluoroscopic procedures and in some cases endoscopic examinations as well. Other roles have also developed to support GI specialist radiographers and membership of GIRSIG is open to anyone with a GI interest.

GIRSIG consists of regional groups who meet at regular intervals. The frequency and content of meetings vary and are organized and planned locally. They usually consist of presentations, from members or guest speakers, quizzes, case studies, interesting cases and a business section to discuss local and national issues. Each regional group has representatives on the GIRSIG National committee who pass on information to and from members.

The GIRSIG National Committee meets three times a year at the Society and College of Radiographers offices in London. Their remit is to organize and run a national weekend conference every two years; respond to members’ issues; respond to national issues (eg bowel screening programme; professional competencies; prescribing) and provide support for members, advise on best practice, audit and research.

GIRSIG, in partnership with the Society and College of Radiographers, is now recognised as providing a strong voice for GI radiographers and related workers.

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