The group was formed in 1998 in response to the needs of
radiographers who were taking on the then new specialist role
of performing barium enemas. The examinations now
undertaken and reported by radiographers have extended to
include a full range of Gastro-Intestinal (GI) related and non-GI
fluoroscopic procedures, such as CT Colonography and MR

Other roles have also developed to support GI and non-GI
specialist radiographers, and membership of GIRSIG is open to
anyone with a GI or fluoroscopic imaging interest.

GIRSIG started as a series of regional groups, but has developed into a network of individuals with an interest in GI related imaging and fluoroscopy.

The GIRSIG committee  represents members to other organisations such as the Society and College of Radiographers, HCPC, Department of Health, Royal College of Radiologists and the Bowel Cancer Screening Programme.

The GIRSIG National Committee meets twice  a year, once at the Society and College of Radiographers offices in London, the other by teleconference/ Skype. Their remit is to organise and run a national conference once every other year; respond to members’ issues; respond to national issues (e.g. Bowel Cancer Screening Programme; professional competencies; prescribing) and provide support for members, advise on best practice, audit and research.

GIRSIG, in partnership with the Society and College of Radiographers, is recognised as providing a strong voice for GI radiographers and related workers.


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