The Pat Conlon Bursary

Pat Conlon and GIRSIG

Pat Conlon was an experienced, dedicated and pioneering GI radiographer, an example of all that is good about the profession of radiography. She was one of the founders of the national Gastro intestinal Radiographers Special Interest Group (GIRSIG). Following Pat’s untimely death, her colleagues in GIRSIG set up the Pat Conlon Bursary in recognition of her contribution to the progress of GI radiography.

The Bursary

The purpose of the Bursary is to provide financial support for the successful applicant to undertake a programme of work that aims to advance GI radiography in its broadest sense. An award of up to £600 will be made every year. Applicants must be practicing GI radiographers who are members of GIRSIG. In return the applicant will submit an article to GIRSIG, which relates to the activity this bursary supported.

Eligible Programmes of Work

Any programme of work related to any aspect of GI radiography practice will be considered. This includes formal taught courses or a detailed programme of private study, a research proposal or clinical audit project. Whatever the work, the same responsibilities apply to the successful applicants.

Application Process

Applicants are responsible for ensuring their application form is fully completed and submitted to the Chairman or Secretary of the National GIRSIG committee.

Approval Process

All fully completed applications will be considered by a panel, which will consist of three members of the National GIRSIG Committee who are not connected to the applicant(s) or application(s).

Payment of Bursary

A cheque for the agreed amount will be issued by the GIRSIG Treasurer at a time appropriate to the project. The cheque will be made payable to the recipient of the award or an approved third party where appropriate.

Applicant’s Responsibilities

In return for receiving a Bursary, GIRSIG expects the successful applicant to present their work/experience at a local meeting and to produce an article for publication in the GIRSIG Gazette. We would also encourage where appropriate publication in a peer review journal and/or presentation (oral or poster) at other relevant national and international events (eg GIRSIG conference, ISO, ECR etc).

If successful, applicants should note that making false statements or failing to complete the programme of work and/or fulfil the requirements of the award may result in the funding being repayable and membership of GIRSIG revoked.

Click here for further details and an application form.

The Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowships

The Fellowships are to enable men and women from all walks of life to acquire knowledge and experience abroad. In the process they gain a better understanding of the lives and different cultures of people overseas and, on their return, their effectiveness at work and their contribution to the community is enhanced greatly.

To see the different categories and to apply please visit www.wcmt.org.uk where there is an online application form. Alternatively, contact the Trust at:

Winston Churchill Memorial Trust
29 Great Smith Street

Tel: 020 7799 1660

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